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The CBD Group is a unique collective of
renowned scientists, successful marketers and financial experts.

What we do

Your CBD partner to success.

Our clients describe us as the missing piece to their CBD business. We take the headache out of starting, growing & diversifying in the CBD sector.

Raw Goods

We supply Novel Foods secure raw goods across the UK and Europe from award-winning hemp farms. Isolates, Broad Specs, Unique Cold-Pressed Extracts and much more.


Collaborate with our scientists & development experts to create a product that will get people flocking to your brand.

Product Fulfilment

Let us handle your online orders. Cost-effective pick and packing for e-commerce brands of any size.


We offer a range of white label and contract manufacturing services to ensure your products stand out from the crowd.

Compliance & Payments

Let us help you with the boring stuff. We help clients with insurance, payment gateways and much more.

Branding & Photography

World-class product and lifestyle photography as well as beautiful branding all from our in-house creative team.

stage you are at
we can help.

See how we
are changing the
CBD industry.

knowledge & products.

Why choose The CBD Group?

The CBD Group is a unique collection of financial experts, successful marketers and knowledgeable scientists. No other CBD business in the world can match our skill set when it comes to the creation and growth of brands and the production of high-quality CBD products.

We are not like the rest!

We aren’t a vape or e-liquid business looking to ‘cash in’ on the rise in popularity of cannabis-derived products; we are a purpose-built company specialising solely in the cannabis industry with unparalleled knowledge ranging all the way from raw material sourcing and manufacturing to brand design and digital marketing.

Everything you need in one place.

Does your current supplier or manufacturer have a proactive approach to compliance and product development? We work hand in hand with clients to ensure their product offering is the best it can be.

Our clients have been featured & stocked in:

Our Story

We have been
in your shoes.

Our story began with us as a fledgling CBD brand with minimal investment. We found it incredibly hard to find a reliable manufacturer that would deal with smaller orders and support us as we grew. We had huge ambition but kept getting knocked back whether that was rejection by payment processors like PayPal or major high street banks refusing to hold our money. Don’t even get us started on insurance.

After a year of hard work and investment raising, we had everything in place and had established key relationships in every relevant sector. While we continued to push our flagship brand into high street retailers, we decided to take the lessons we had learned and establish ourselves as one of the UK’s first dedicated cannabis-derivative product manufacturer. We know the pain points of starting a CBD business first-hand. Now, we cater to both fledgling brands like we used to be and global players looking for solid and reliable product manufacture. No matter where on the scale you fall, we can help.

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July 2, 2021

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What is White Label CBD?

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Starting A CBD Brand in the UK

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Insurance in the Cannabis Industry

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Payment Processing and Banking in the Cannabis Industry

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